A natural born performer, Boogieloop has wowed global audiences on some of the worlds’ most prestigious stages and performance arenas for the last 15 years.

Learning secrets of the showman craft at the age of 16, Mauricio (aka Boogieloop) began his journey with a simple dream & meeting of like-minded young performers who wished to see the world and perform to its audiences whilst having fun along the journey.  This exposed him to a huge variety of cultures, languages & societies that all play an important role in his work.

Influenced by modern European physical clown culture and the Jaques le Coq method, Mauricio has developed his unique style with a solid artistic signature.  This includes mime and characters defined through animated body movements, adapted to spark the imagination, amuse the senses, and evoke emotions through poetical, visual illusions.

Boogieloop Accolades:

2012 – 14 ‘Show Me’ Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin

Performing to over 700,000 at Berlin’s most prestigious theatre venue, Boogieloop starred as one of the main characters showing off world class artistry in ‘Show Me’

 2014 – Present ‘The Wyld’ Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin

Mauricio is Theatrical Coach working on the new Thierry Mulgar show ‘The Wyld’, showing until 2016

August 2014

Mauricio Produced and Performed an Act for the esteemed Cirque Du Soleil owner Guy Laliberte, at his private mansion in Ibiza

January 2015
BoogieLoop took his show on a 2 month tour of 5 Universities in South India & following each show gave a lecture to the learning young audience on imagination and creativity.
May 2015 
Boogieloop brought street art imagination to the indoor theatre by invitation of the International Mime Festival in  Korea.  Breaking boundaries of language and culture by using visual poetry.
July 2015
BoogieLoop as part of a troupe of creative individuals, devised conceptual show s each week at the new multi dimensional club of Cirque Du Soleil in Ibiza
The weekly event  “Acid Sundays” in HeartIbiza, Got a prestigious award for the most creative party of the season ibiza 2015.
BoogieLoop  continues exploring the world, Never losing focus, unleashing his positive spirit at every opportunity.Embracing  the magic, always ready for the next spellbinding chapter…